Renditure - How to Hang Fine Artwork and Position Pictures



These are perfect tutorials on how to hang our Fine Art Pieces when you get it home :)

Or once you've had a chance to print your own if your a do it yourself type.

The more direct sun any art piece gets the shorter the lifespan, our prints are printed with this specifically in mind and why they are heirloom art pieces to be past down through the generations. This varies from lab to lab and ink and medium choices.

Adding hardware to your Fine Art Canvas:

This should have been installed professionally as its a feature we include with our art pieces before you picked it up.  You can use that guide for any of your own art pieces you purchase or make yourself.

Measure from the top edge of the canvas, and mark the backing with your pencil. For example, on a 24"x36" canvas gallery wrap in portrait orientation, the hardware should be placed 9"-12" from the top. Repeat this process on the opposite side. Make sure you place your mark at the exact same measurement.

Important General Information:

  • Always use brackets or picture hooks – don’t just hammer nails into the wall.
  • Use hardware that will support your artwork.
  • Check the manufacturer’s recommendation on the package to make sure it will support more weight, never less than your artwork weighs.
  • Always check the hardware to make sure it is firmly secured with screws to the back of the frame/artwork
  • If the artwork is heavy, use two D-ring hangers – one on each side of painting to hang the art
  • When hanging a frame from a wire, use to hooks in the wall for added stability.

How to hang artwork and position pictures, find out about different mounting options and how to deal with drywall mounting. Get detailed instructions here Here is a great tutorial of how to hang multiple art pieces in and around the home

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