Jordan Van De Vorst Sunset Challenge & Tribute Saskatoon

Saskatoon Sask Canada May 14th 2016 Jordan Van De Vorst Sunset Challenge

RIP To to Van de Vorst family

Sunset photo project honours Van de Vorst family Click here to see video

Excerpt from Facebook Event

"The Jordan Van De Vorst SUNSET Challenge. The object is to fulfill Jordan's epic concept to have as many people take a photo of the sunset as possible, AT EXACTLY 8:39 pm, in the Regina area, on May 14-16,and post them all to the Facebook page. Everyone can do this from where you live. Step outside, take a breath, and enjoy the sunset. **Spread the word and join in a moment to honour Jordan Van De Vorst and his family that were lost. This idea was one of his last Facebook posts" There is a link in the group for Saskatoon's sunset times for all the days.  Facebook event here if you'd like to participate too!

One of my images for the challenge. I picked a bad spot, but I wanted to add a sentiment of remembrance to the first responder's esp fire fighters, who play such a big part in MVA's but aren't always mentioned. Fire Station #6 Firefighters Memorial Statue Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada. ‪#‎VanDeVorstSunsetMay14‬

Children,Maternity,Photographer,Saskatoon,Newborn,Photographer,Baby,Photography,Photographer,Maternity,Pregnancy,Family,Renditure,Child,Infant,Tot,Kid,Photos,Saskatchewan,YXE,SKHoping to get more images up each day as time permits. When I scouted and planned for this location the leaves on the trees had not filled out yet.