Renditure Photography - Maternity Photographer Saskatoon SK

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This Collection is perfect for our Maternity and Newborn photography clients; who want a custom photo session for a large impact heirloom piece to showcase on their wall, a perfect way to document one of life's milestones in both their and their child's lives.

Sometimes a client finds you and has followed your work enough that on shoot day they trust your judgment and give you full creative control. Sheryl was so easy going especially for a first time mom. She said whatever you think and was willing to let me wrap her in fabrics and place dried flower crowns on her and baby Ava's head. I had taken part in a webinar last year with Julia Radlick Kelleher, M. Photog., Cr., CPP. Soon following her perfect score of a 100 at the PPA Western District and while winning a LexJet Sunset Award for her composition entitled He Has Arrived. I have been in love with her work for a number of years. It was from this artistic work and her class that the inspiration came for this artwork. She has training right on her website for photographers. Highly recommend any class she teaches, she is a wealth of phenomenal knowledge. This is my first had at a composite image using multiple images to create. Sheryl was photographed in studio on a plain background. There were no animals in the original background so I added them all separately. The animals were bought from a stock site and the background was purchased from another site as well as the lightning bugs. The Woodland Fine Art Collection will be offered in 2016 and is a separate charge from our packages. This work took well over 16hrs to create from start to finish. This collection will be offered only when time allows.