At Renditure, Love Grows Here... this is why I LOVE creating with clients.

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This is why I love what I do. It is moments like these, that make it the most rewarding calling I have right now. Over the years I've had so many opportunities to work with such phenomenal families.  Some families have just started out and some expanding over the years.  Many many moms ago Angie contacted me about photos for her first baby and now little man Mason.  For over a year 1/2 I had client after client not really sure if fishing or a boat photo was really their taste.  When Angie contacted me she mentioned how much she and her hubby loved fishing.  I mentioned my boat baby set up and props with the expect of being turned down yet again, but she said yes and was even more excited than I perhaps.   Before I spent many many hours making my props and set ups like I usually do. I had painted two different boats expecting them to be popular, much to my surprise just never caught on until Mason arrived in our Studio. You may recognize these images if you've been following us for many years.

Then the boat set became one of our most selected sets. Still, today is requested all the time and they sit now with hundreds of other props in our dedicated prop room.

Some more time passed and then I received an image with song lyrics tattooed on to Mama. I recognized this lyric choice right away, not because I had DJ'd for years putting myself through 8 years of university doing so. They weren't from a song I played all those years as a Disc Jockey, they were from the slideshow I made Mason's mom from his newborn session with us.  It's so heartwarming when your client is so touched and so moved that they choose to tattoo themselves forever with something that inspired from your session. You never get sick of hearing about these achievements.  I love getting the updated images of the kids as they grow in my email. Though I get even more excited when these pop up with them.

Momma then brought him back a few more times. Here one from a Christmas session

  It's really just the best of luck when the little one strikes a pose so well done as this.

 This beautiful craftsmanship was done by Baillie at Eye of the Needle here in Saskatoon this April 2017. Took an hour and a half this video was taken right upon finishing so the redness and inflammation had not had time to go away at all.

I feel so blessed to have my artwork of her precious little man tattooed on her that she will have with her everywhere she goes from the rest of her life, its beautiful work we both created.  Its these moments in our lives as photographers, that we get to truly understand how important these artworks are to our clients and make sure we give them the best images we can. At any age children are only ever like this once, and capturing a moment in time like this, allows our clients to hold on to a memory & feeling they can go back to again and again is truly the best gift we can give a parent as a photographer and why I love my job. It's why so many of my clients and I stay in touch with years and years after or until an updated family portrait is sought lol.  I have the best clients and am so lucky I get to work with all of you old and new. It won't be too much longer before some of these babies will have babies and I'm so looking forward to that first in our studio!!! The art we could create is endless..