Renditure - Newborn Safety is our studio's #1 concern


Newborn Safety is our studio's #1 concern.  We have never had an injury and we intend to never in the future either.

Newborn photography is a form of art.  It’s a form of art that can be executed with a great deal of creativity and, first and foremost, a focus on safety.  Clients come to me & multiple times a month I hear ‘I want photos like Anne Geddes’  We absolutley can make than happen but we have a new and better way to ensure safety.

There are many famous photographers that we have seen suspend children in the air to get the shot. Back in the 90's Anne Geddes became the icon of newborn photography today doing that.  You can find some of her Iconic photos and videos online and there is one  in particular where 3 babies are suspended and hung from a bar. You can't see the spotters or whats beneath them.  I have taken two multiple day webinars from her to date. Knowing how she does things, she makes sure safety is king.  Back then this was considered safe as she had safety's you cannot see.  This is no longer how newborn photography is done. With the advancement of post processing tools such as Photoshop we can achieve images such as this one I did without doing that.

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There are other poses like Froggie that some children due to their developmental stage can no longer do. Or maybe we cant get them to sleep deep enough.  Many poses require a newborn to be in a deep sleep by 20-30 mins the newborn is deep enough to pose in these poses as their sleep cycle is around 90 mins

There is no way to know what developmental stage your little one is in until we are posing them on the bag. Sometimes the stomach develops faster than others and all this has to be considered when posing. We simply cannot guarantee any specific pose until we have photographed him or her in it.  We will not take risks and will tell you no.

It is very very common for photographers to spray essential lavender oils behind the scene before you arrive to get your little one to sleep easier of have a diffuser fan off to the side. We do not do this, we ask that you dont either as some of our clients have severe sensitivities and we will get your little one to sleep anyways without it.  I use it in my bath most days but there is no place for it on the linens in our studio.

We have a heart beat sound machine that helps mimic the sounds they heard in the womb, that works just as great as scents if not better.

For older children after being photographed with the new baby we ask that dad or grandparent takes them for the remainder of the session.  There are many things that can hurt them in the studio and they will get very hot and bored waiting for baby to be photographed.

Newborns cannot regulate their own body temperature. To keep them comfortable with no clothing on it is important we keep the studio warm. I keep my studio at 85F+. I also warm my blankets  with a warming mat or with the heater fan prior to placing a newborn on them.

We are constantly checking limbs to ensure a good flow of circulation in all poses.

We dont use glass props in our studio and we ask that you not bring any either.

Hand washing is very important, we are always making sure our hands are clean before we make contact with the baby.

I ask the parents to be the spotters, I trust the parents before anyone else.

 Even if you don’t choose me as your photographer it’s important to me that you choose another professional who will handle your little one with the utmost care. Remember that anyone with a camera can call themselves a professional photographer.  A newborn photography session with a qualified professional is no more expensive than a top of the line stroller or nursery furniture  and unlike the baby gear, a lot of which will sit unused, newborn photography and the memories from that time with your brand new baby last a lifetime and are worth the investment in safety alone.