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We are the only Newborn and Maternity studio in Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada, that is capable of projecting your sonogram onto your baby bump. We are the largest Newborn & Maternity studio on Saskatoon. We do not share our full time studio with any other photographers, we need it and the time for our own clients.




Specializing in Fine Art Pregnancy, Maternity, Newborn, & Baby Photography in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

In Studio Or On Location, Newborn Baby and Maternity Shooting by Apt Only. This is to respect the privacy of all of our clients. Studio Ph: 306 2817662

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If you are pregnant and still haven’t photographed your “bump” by a professional now is a great time to book your photographer. We offer complete baby plans which may include a maternity session. These sessions are amazing! A great addition to your baby book  or your couture album celebrating the life of your new baby, from beginning to, well another beginning!

Experienced shooters will be familiar with the most flattering angles for your pregnant body, and know how to focus on your belly while deemphasizing other body parts, like your hips, arms and legs.  Not all photos are created equal and not all photographers pose equally.

Find a professional whose work speaks to you and that you can see yourself in.

We also specialize in  newborn portraits. You’re going to spend all this time screening a photographer, and presumably establishing a level of trust, so it makes sense to find someone you can use again. Plus booking two shoots at once also saves you financially. Renditure offers may pregnancy/ maternity and newborn session options to suit your needs.