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Maternity Photography,Newborn,Saskatoon,Photographer,Maternity,Photography,Newborn,Photographers,Pregnancy,Family,Renditure,Child,Photos,Saskatchewan,YXE,SK,IVF

Valentine's,Family Photography,Saskatoon,Photographer,Maternity,Photography,Newborn,Photographers,Pregnancy,Family,Renditure,Child,Photos,Saskatchewan,YXE,SK,IVFValentine's,Family Photography,Saskatoon,Photographer,Maternity,Photography,Newborn,Photographers,Pregnancy,Family,Renditure,Child,Photos,Saskatchewan,YXE,SK,IVF

Child Photography Valentine's Sessions

Family Photography Valentine's Sessions are a great way for the family to come together and celebrate the love they share for each other in portraiture.  These photos were very special to mom. Mom had her older son Rowen have his Valentine’s portrait done and she made an amazing scrapbook around his images. When Troy was born he followed in his big brother footsteps and we aimed to replicate the very same set and style Rowen's were taken by.  We were able to get the photos that mom wanted so she could continue her scrap booking tradition and create her art work starting with some of ours.

This is why printing your photos from your photography sessions are so important.  Studies have shown that children feel more cherished when there are images of them in and around the family home.  Something as simple as hanging your prints from our sessions or photos you took yourself, can really improve a child’s self-confidence.

Can you imagine including the children in the scrap-booking process so they helped with the making of your family’s very own book? What a great way to bond as a family and make some very fun projects together, all the while focusing on family values and spending quality time with the other.

When Mom mentions what she did, I thought wow how awesome is that, that our art will be used to grow more art. Love it!  If you have art that you created with our sessions photos we love it too view it and even brag about it. By all means snap a photo and send away.  We never get sick of updates on our little peoples, love opening the inbox to see how little jimmy or Jan is growing up. Warms my heart when my clients include me, in their little one’s updates.