For Mothers - What to Bring to the Hospital

Your own pillow (patterned pillow case so it does not get mistaken for a hospital pillow) Sleep wear with buttons or zippers in the front to allow easier breastfeeding (if desired – hospital gowns will also be provided) Bathrobe and slippers (if desired – hospital attire will also be provided) Cosmetics, shampoo, deodorant, soap, toothpaste and toothbrush Loose fitting clothes and several pairs of underwear Chargers for your electronic devices A pen and paper Healthy snacks Coins for the vending machines

For Babies - What to Bring to the Hospital Baby sleepers or night gown (4 or  5) Mittens or Socks (2 or 3 pairs) Diaper wipes (if desired) A blanket to go home A baby car seat that you have put together and know how to use (leave in the vehicle until it is time to go home)

For Support Person - What to Bring to the Hospital Your own pillow (patterned pillow case so it does not get mistaken for a hospital pillow) Snacks

Appropriate sleep attire

 Royal University Hospital Maternal Services Overview

Please text (306)281-7662 and let your photographer Amanda know your delivering or have delivered. This is so she can start clearing her schedule to get your baby in between its 6th and 10th day of life. This is for the best possible photos before your baby's stomach develops and cartilage fuses to hardened bones and some of the poses no longer become possible. Thanks have a wonderful birthing experience.

When to book your photographer

Maternity Sessions are best photographed in the 32nd to 36th week of pregnancy. During this period of your pregnancy, you are starting to get your energy back because most will no longer feel the nauseated.  Not only you feel better during week 32-36, you actually can fit properly into maternity clothes. You’re more likely to feel better before the ninth month due to hormonal changes towards the end of pregnancy.

Newborn Sessions

Are booked by your due date and adjusted as you drop or go into labor. We need to know when these things happen asap, so we can arrange our schedule to photograph them between their 6th and 10th day new.  This is when the baby sleeps best and also when their developmental stage allows for the best possible newborn poses. After bones harden and stomach develops we can still get great images but a lot less possibilities are possible and wont be capable for all the poses you see on our site. Its not safe to do some of the posing after they pass this developmental stage. They also no longer stay curly or bring feet up but flail legs and arms outward.