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At Renditure, Love Grows Here…


Serving Saskatoon Families 10+ Years and counting!

Renditure Photography by Amanda Dalglish, is a Published International Award Winning Fine Art Studio located in Saskatoon, Sask, Canada.

Our Specialty is Creating Unique Art for Maternity, Family, Newborn Baby & Child Photography.

My goal is to create classic timeless, maternity Keepsakes that will be handed down in the family from generation to generation.

I specialize in baby’s first year, from Maternity & Newborn portraits, to all of Baby’s first year Milestones.

Each session is specifically designed to your family, and planned so that your family’s values and hobbies showcase that miracle growing inside you.

All photography photographed by Renditure Photography. Owned and Operated By Amanda Dalglish,


Your Baby As Art

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Happiness is Family


Today’s little moments, become tomorrows precious memories.


About The Artist


It all started when…

My Grandmother gave me my first camera when I was under 10 years. She picked me up a camera out of necessity. I would sneak and use hers, an old soligar film camera that I did not know how to use. I would break it trying to learn and ultimately her I and the camera would end up at Cheng’s Camera Repair trying to reverse engineer my mishandlings of it. We spent most weekends out for country drives taking landscape and scenery photos. Soon it evolved into animals, pets and portraits of friends. My friend Nikki and I shot so many rolls over our elementary years Im surprised our families developed them all.

In High school it continued into Graphic Arts & Art programs taught by some of my favorite teachers like Cam Sikorsky. In University it continued into many other artistic creations in and out of the darkroom. Over the year friends and families would ask me to photograph them or their children and soon friends of theirs would ask if I could also take their images as they loved what turned out from our mutual friends shoot. No longer could I keep doing this at no charge so now, a price list evolved, a business name and insurance policies.

"Renditure" is my creation which stemmed from creating a word that didn't exist in any of the world languages. I wanted to create a word that encompassed my art work, but was not limited to the constraints of a previously experienced meaning. I wanted my viewers to create their own meaning when experiencing the art works for themselves. I wanted people to start with a fresh canvas and build on it as they saw and felt the art.

Renditure Photography was born. This became my rendition of fine art portraiture. It has been my full time job since. I do about 10% commercial work to give a bit of change in my studio and keep things fresh.


Renditure Photography is an International Award Winning Studio located in Saskatoon, Sask, Canada. Our Specialty is Composite Newborn Baby, Child, Family and Maternity Photography.

My Hubby and i also founded Paramount Camera Repair…. not out of necessity but love for everything camera related. You can find me there oddly when not working full time at the Renditure Studio.

Thanks for your interest in my work,

Amanda Dalglish

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